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Tait, Lesley, University of Calgary
Tait, Lesley, University of Alberta
Tait, Lesley Marie, University of Calgary
Taylor, Danica, York University
Taylor, Joseph, Colorado Springs
Taylor, Lisa, Bishop's University
Taylor, Nicholas, York University
The Curriculum Collective ,

, Université de Moncton


Thom, Jennifer S., University of Victoria
Thomas , Suzanne
Tompkins, Joanne, St Francis Xavier University Faculty of Education
Toomey, Nisha, University of Toronto
Towers , Jo
Towers, Jo, University of Calgary
Towers, Jo
Tran, Vuong, Nipissing University
Tremblay, Taunya, York University
Trueit, Donna
Tucker, Allison Lynette, Nipissing University Angie Bruce, Jessica Poff, Melanie Manitowabi and Allison Tucker are PhD students at Nipissing University in Education Sustainability. Their PhD journeys of mind, body, heart and spirit have intersected as they travel along their paths, finding their voices as learners and researchers and coming to know themselves more deeply through the process.

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