Creative Tensions in Place-Conscious Learning: A Triptych

David A. Greenwood


This article was a keynote address delivered at the Curriculum for the
Bioregion Conference on “Fostering an Ethic of Place,” February 7, 2015
at the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. The Curriculum of
the Bioregion Project, led by Jean MacGregor from The Evergreen State
College, is a consortium of over thirty regional universities in the US and
Canada that engages faculty communities in exploring the issues of
sustainability and place-based learning in a broad array of courses and
disciplines. This address aims to narrate a fluid theorization of place as
curriculum that is responsive to the lived experience of everyday life. It
draws on key moments of learning in the author’s biography and presents
these learnings as three short stories. These stories try to convey and
clarify how a theoretical construct such as place is lived as nuance and
contradiction in everyday life, especially when we open to the experience of
others, human and more-than-human. Fostering an ethic of place, the author
suggests, depends on sensitivity to this nuance and the recognition of


place-based curriculum; place-conscious learning; narrative research; parallax

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