Provoking Curricula of Care: Weaving Stories of Rupture Towards Repair


  • Nane Jordan University of British Columbia
  • Pamela Richardson Royal Roads University
  • R. Michael Fisher Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education
  • Barbara Bickel Southern Illinois University
  • Susan Walsh Mount Saint Vincent University


stories of care, curriculum co-inquiry, arts-based inquiry, life writing, métissage, healing


We are five scholars of education, provoking curriculum on the topic of “care”—as practice, theory, and struggle, through our stories of living, teaching, and learning. Our inquiries surface threads of rupture, where we find that “care” indicates our efforts to address suffering. Our care-work consists of restorative, creative, and contemplative practices. We tell our stories through a literary métissage (weaving) of creative non-fiction, poetic writing, artwork, and images. We thus creatively expand the meaning of care by evoking our understandings, lived experiences, and practices of caring. In this way, we hope to create more attuned relationships, and open the way for more stories of “care” to emerge.

Author Biography

Nane Jordan, University of British Columbia

Sessional Lecturer Curriculum & Pedagogy Faculty of Education University of British Columbia




How to Cite

Jordan, N., Richardson, P., Fisher, R. M., Bickel, B., & Walsh, S. (2016). Provoking Curricula of Care: Weaving Stories of Rupture Towards Repair. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 14(1), 33–54. Retrieved from



Provoking Curriculum as Relational Ecologies