miyo waskawewin and aokakio’siit: Lessons in Learning to Walk Well


  • Lesley Marie Tait University of Calgary


Indigenous pedagogy, relationality, spirit, land-based pedagogy, aokakio’siit, miyo waskawewin


In Canada's post Truth and Reconciliation classrooms, educators continue to seek ways to begin the challenging work of lifting Indigenous knowledges within their classroom and within the curriculum. Many educators have begun to turn to land-based or place-based learning as a potential solution to this challenging work. This article undertakes a holistic dialogue with educators and offers two words, aokakio’siit, miyo waskawewin, that may serve as pedagogical reminders on how we can walk well both within the classroom and within life. This article brings together professional reflections with Indigenous teachings received from Elders, as a potential way forward in the lifting of Indigenous knowledges within schools and as a way of being in the world.